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Dating advice for those who are thinking about getting back into dating or have just recently started doing so. These articles will help you navigate through these early stages of your dating journey, ultimately leading to relationship success.

Wondering if someone is into you? Uncover the top 10 signals of flirting with our helpful list and learn how to flirt back with ease!

10 Tips to Understand & Interpret Flirting Signs

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone’s gestures, words, or even a simple smile left you wondering if they were interested in you romantically? Well, you may have been experiencing the delightful world of flirting!  But how do you know if someone is genuinely interested or just being friendly? We’re here to […]

Do long-distance relationships work? Learn how to make your LDR survive and thrive with our pros and cons list with tips for success!

The Pros & Cons of Long-Distance Relationships in 2024

The journey to love looks different for everyone. In fact, people find love and companionship across vast distances. So, maybe you’ve been wondering, “Do long-distance relationships work?”  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of navigating romance across miles and time zones. Whether you’re currently in a long-distance relationship, contemplating one, or simply […]

Boost your confidence in dating and overcome insecurities whether you're going on a first date or exploring a relationship with someone new.

How to Build Confidence in Dating & Overcome Natural Insecurities

In the world of dating, confidence is the key that unlocks countless possibilities and leads to fulfilling connections. It’s an intangible quality that radiates from within, capturing attention and inviting genuine attraction. But confidence in dating isn’t an easy thing to develop and maintain, especially when it can feel like there’s so much at stake.  […]

How do you know if you’re ready to settle down? Take our quiz to find out whether or not you’re prepared to settle down with someone.

7 Signs You’re Ready to Settle Down – Take the Quiz

There are so many decisions to make when you’re dating: saying yes or no to a second date, reaching out to someone again, deciding if you’re interested in them enough, choosing whether to date casually or seriously, and so on and so on. It can be A LOT.  But we’re here today to help you […]

Are you ready to find the meaningful, lasting relationship you've been searching for? Start by dating with intention!

Dating with Intention—It’s Time to Stop and Get Serious

A lot of terms get thrown around in the modern dating world, and one that’s recently been going around is the concept of “dating with intention.” Whether you heard it referenced in a podcast or the term is entirely new to you, we’re here to unpack it all for you.  First, let’s start with the […]

Need to decipher a dating acronym that someone sent you? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of common dating abbreviations to help you understand exactly what’s being said.

16 Common Dating Acronyms / Abbreviations – What They Mean

From LDR to PDA to IRL, the increasingly complex and, shall we say, confusing world of dating acronyms never seems to calm down. Just when you thought you knew almost all of them, more pop up and you find yourself going down Internet rabbit trails trying to define three little letters. And if you’re not […]

Figuring out how to communicate in a new relationship can be tricky. In our guide, we provide some helpful tips for conveying your thoughts and feelings.

Learning How to Communicate in a New Relationship

When it comes to dating in 2023, learning how to communicate with your partner is the key to your relationship’s success. It lets you both convey your thoughts, feelings, and needs, which helps build your bond and create a stronger connection. Without proper communication, it’s easy for your lines to get crossed, leading to misunderstandings, […]

Dating a woman taller than you really isn’t an issue, but there are things to be mindful of. Check out our dos and don’ts of dating a taller woman.

Demystifying Dating a Woman Taller Than You

In today’s modern dating world, we see all different kinds of people partnering up, and that includes women who are open to dating shorter men. What used to be seen as a bit taboo is now something that has become more common in public and on the TV screen than ever before. Taller women are […]

Getting used to asking someone’s pronouns will help you avoid gender assumptions and have meaningful interactions from the get-go.

Navigating Dating Pronouns – Asked & Answered

You might have noticed people are adding pronouns (like she/her, he/him, they/them) to their social profiles lately. Why is that? It’s simple: some people have gender identities that don’t necessarily conform to the gender binary, which is restricted to male or female. After all, the concept of gender is part of a broad spectrum.   That’s […]

Wondering about the differences between casual vs. serious relationships? Look no further. We answer your pressing questions about casual and serious dating so you can know what to expect.

Modern Differences in Casual Dating vs Serious Dating

Of all relationships to have unspoken standards and seemingly endless nuances, dating relationships take the cake. From “will they, won’t they” to “should they, shouldn’t they,” there are so many questions and perplexing moments when it comes to the dating game. One of those questions might be “What does casual dating mean, and how do […]

Discover the challenges, upsides, alternatives, and evolution of LGBTQIA+ dating. What's the best way to find a potential partner?

Modern LGBTQIA+ Dating in 2024 Explained

In general, dating has come a long way throughout the past few decades. Thanks to modern social channels, the dating process has evolved to a point where finding a match could be as easy as sliding into someone’s DMs. The question is: does that effortlessness exist in the LGBTQIA+ dating world as it does for […]

Learn tips for dating someone with autism, from navigating social situations to understanding each other’s love languages.

Get Informed – Dating Someone with Autism

If you’re dating in 2023, you’re probably tuned into all of the exciting ways to meet people and the challenges that modern dating can bring. It’s so important to have an awareness of yourself and your needs but also the needs of the people you’re dating. Perhaps you’ve just hit it off with someone who […]

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