22 Cozy & Romantic Date Ideas for a Rainy Day

Spark some romance even in the rain with these rainy day date ideas. Find your perfect date for when the weather is raging right here.

When you’re planning a date, don’t let a little wet weather get you down. You can still spark some romance even in the rain. 

We’ve put together a complete list of rainy day date ideas to inspire you. From baking and cooking together to picnics in the car or going to an arcade, there’s something for just about everyone.

1. Go See a Movie

When the weather is raging outside, seek shelter at your local movie theater. This is the perfect excuse to see a new flick, order some popcorn, and snuggle up next to each other in a dark room. 

2. Bake Something Tasty

Whether you’re a new fling or seasoned partners, working together to complete a recipe can be a great way to learn about one another. Plus,  there’s something romantic about moving around in the kitchen with your loved one. 

3. Make a Hot Chocolate Tasting Bar

Don’t consider yourself a baker? You can still have fun whipping up a sweet treat. Try setting up a hot chocolate tasting bar! Heat up different brands and types of hot chocolate mixes, pour each one into small glasses, and sip to your heart’s delight. 

4. Go on a Rainy Neighborhood Walk

Sometimes the best rainy day date ideas are the ones that embrace the weather. Pull on your rainproof boots and parka for a neighborhood walk under the umbrella. The only way to stay dry is to cozy up together. 

5. Do Some Shopping

Head to your local shopping district or old town area for an afternoon of popping in and out of boutiques. You’ll get some respite from the rain and will also have several opportunities for a romantic, rainy day kiss—a win-win in our book. 

6. Create a Cozy Atmosphere at Home 

Romantic date ideas can be as simple as creating an intimate environment at home. Light candles and place them around the house (or better yet, light your fireplace if you have one), put out blankets, and play some nice music. This is the perfect setup for just about any activity: reading, watching a movie, and maybe even a makeout sesh.

7. Have a Conversation and Coffee

Head to your local coffee shop, or one that you haven’t been to before, and settle in for some good conversation. This is a low-stakes rainy day date idea that’s perfect for a budding romance. Use these first-date conversation starters as your starting point. 

8. Challenge Each Other to a Game Night

Spark a little competition with this at-home date idea. Gather your favorite two-person games and set up your dining room or coffee table as a game station. To raise the stakes, make a point system, where the winner has to do something for their date (make dinner, give them a massage, you get the idea). 

9. Grocery Store + Dinner Date

Romantic date ideas don’t require pulling out all the stops with a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Instead, why not go grocery shopping together and cook at home? Going to the store might sound mundane for a new couple, but it’s a unique setting for getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes (plus, it gives you a glimpse of what “real life” together can look like). 

10. Order a Pint at Your Local Brewery

For a successful first date on a rainy day, visit a nearby [indoor] brewery. The casual atmosphere of breweries is perfect for first (or fiftieth) dates, where you can simply relax and be yourselves.

11. Get Crafty

There’s no better time to lean into your creative sides than on an inclement-weather day. There are tons of crafty rainy day date ideas, from putting those colored pencils to good use with adult coloring books or painting landscapes on canvas. For a laugh-worthy activity, try painting each other.

12. Plan Your Next Getaway

Dream about sunnier days ahead by planning your next vacation together (it’s safe to say that this indoor date idea is probably not for a first day). Thinking about your next getaway can help to pass the time inside and get you both excited for spending more time together.

13. Visit a Museum

Rainy days are perfect museum days, where you won’t feel guilty for staying inside. Walk hand in hand through the exhibits, relishing in the peace and quiet and each other’s presence. Many museums have a cafe, so cap off your date with a coffee or dessert.

14. Explore an Arboretum

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean that you can’t experience some nature. If your city has a nature conservatory or an arboretum, take your special someone for a date among the flora and fauna—rainy day style. Find a covered section of the space to listen to the rain drops hit the roof. 

15. Get a Couple’s Massage

For cozy date ideas, look no further than the spa. Book a luxurious couple’s massage to relax and rejuvenate. Or create a spa day at home, complete with massages, essential oils, face masks, and a bubble bath.

16. Try a New Indoor Activity

When it starts pouring outside, it’s helpful to have some unique rainy day date ideas at your fingertips, like new indoor activities to try. Have some fun with your date by skating around a roller rink, trying ax throwing, or playing old-school games at an arcade. With any of these ideas, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a second date.

17. Play Truth or Dare

Not sure what to do on a rainy evening at home? Play a classic game of truth or dare. This can not only kickstart intimate conversations, but it can also make an ordinary evening hot and heavy (if you know what we mean). 

But if you’re on a date with someone for the first time, try to keep it PG. Get more tips on first-date etiquette.

18. Reminisce on the Past

Take a trip down memory lane with this indoor date idea. With the pitter-patter of rain as your background music, look through old photo albums, pictures and videos on your phone, and even keepsake boxes. This activity can make both of you starry-eyed again, remembering things like your first date, your first trip together, and so on.

19. Have a Car Picnic

Who says you can’t have a picnic while it’s raining? Make a good first impression on a date with one of the most romantic date ideas—all you need is a car and some tasty snacks. Drive to a scenic lookout point, park the car, and enjoy an indoor picnic. Extra points for bringing a thermos of tea or coffee.

20. Cozy Up at a Bar or Restaurant with a Fireplace

For your next rainy day date idea, do some research ahead of time and see if there is a bar, restaurant, or cafe in your town that has a fireplace. Keep this spot in mind for the next time you and your boo are looking for cozy date ideas, where you can snuggle up together with a delicious beverage.

21. Tackle a House Project Together

Turn being “stuck inside” into an opportunity to do a house project with your partner, whether it’s painting an accent wall, rearranging the living room furniture, or organizing a closet.

22. Spend the Day in Bed

We all know that breakfast in bed is a thing, but have you spent the whole day in bed with your significant other? Indulge yourselves with a movie marathon day, where you can cozy up to each other and completely relax—no chores allowed.

With these rainy day date ideas, you can turn any gloomy day into a date to remember. And if you need help with finding your match, try Tawkify. Our matchmakers can guide you on your journey to find your person.

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