11 Reasons Why Blind Dates Can Lead to Successful Relationships

Have you ever considered giving blind dating a chance? Check out our top 11 reasons why we prefer going on blind dates over swiping on dating apps.

Long before online dating and dating apps, blind dating was considered a viable way of finding a potential partner—and it still is! But if you’re not sure of the meaning of a blind date or what it entails, we’re here to make sense of it for you.

So, what is a blind date? A blind date refers to a meeting between two strangers that is set up by a third party. For example, two friends might set up a couple on a blind date because they think their mutual friends would be a good match. Or, maybe a neighbor believes their daughter would be a great match for your brother because of their shared interests. But that’s not all; there are even professional matchmaking services that plan blind dates between two compatible matches.

The beauty of going on a blind date is that the meet-up isn’t just random. There’s a reason why the couple has been encouraged to get together. For instance, they might share similar personalities, relationship goals, dreams, values, or hobbies. Basically, there’s a commonality between them that suggests that may make them a suitable couple.

Is blind dating something you should consider? Absolutely! Whether you turn to a matchmaking professional or ask your friends if they have suggestions, blind dating could potentially lead you to your soulmate.

To help you see the benefits of blind dating over swiping on a dating app, we’ve listed just 11 of the many reasons why going on a blind date is a good idea!

1. It’s a great option if you don’t have time to swipe on dating apps. 

Let’s face it; online dating isn’t exactly something that’s going to get you quick results. You have to put a lot of time (and energy!) into finding your match. When compared to going on a blind date, dating apps are way more time-consuming. You have to set up your profile, swipe through potential matches, and start conversations before you even set up a date. According to a 2018 survey, millennials, in particular, spend an average of 10 hours per week on dating platforms, and that doesn’t even include actually going on dates!

Now, if we look at blind dating, all you have to do is show up and attend your date. You get to cut out all that prep work and instead spend an hour or two enjoying time with someone new. 

2. It enables you to meet people without having preconceived expectations.

If you’re planning a date with someone you’ve met through an online dating app, you’ve probably begun making a lot of assumptions about them based on their appearance, hobbies, interests, or details about their life. Even if you have a good feeling about them, you’re already making judgments and expectations based on their dating profile. 

Alternatively, when it comes to a blind date, you’re almost definitely going into the meetup sight unseen. Aside from the fact that someone thinks you and the other person would be great for each other, you likely don’t have much more information. In turn, the person you’re on a date with doesn’t have any preconceived notions about you either, enabling both of you to approach the date from a fresh perspective. 

3. It takes away the possibility of game-playing and duplicity.

Blind dating is straightforward. Think about it; you’re meeting a person who is equally interested in meeting you, and you are likely both on the same page about wanting to find a relationship. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about them looking different than you expected or lying about previous things because you’re learning everything about them on the spot. This allows you to start from scratch, building your relationship as you go.

Unfortunately, online dating isn’t as cut and dry. According to a recent survey about dating apps, 71% of users believe that it’s common for people to lie to make themselves seem more attractive, and research shows that 80% have outright lied on their profiles or in messages. Plus, when you consider that half of the people using these apps talk to as many as five people at once—and some even juggle as many as 11—there’s not a lot of focus on building a one-on-one connection the way there is with blind dating. Because there are so many options, it’s often hard to differentiate between those looking to casually date vs. those looking to seriously date on the apps. 

4. It encourages you to date outside your type. 

Many dating apps let you weed out certain people based on factors like their height and interests. However, that can really limit your dating pool and prevent you from matching with those who you might otherwise be completely compatible with.

Alternatively, letting someone else set you up on a blind date invites you to expand your horizons in ways you may not have when you’re choosing your own potential partners. In fact, you may find that your blind date is someone who you typically wouldn’t have given a chance. Yet, low and behold, they are making you smile and causing you to feel some unexpected chemistry after your first date

5. It’s an opportunity for more curated matches.

If we look at in-person dating vs. online dating, the former provides you with a better chance of having a match that aligns with you. You see, instead of swiping through hundreds of profiles in the hopes of finding someone who suits your preferences, blind dating helps someone else find a more curated match for you. This is because going through a matchmaker or even a trusted friend lets you have someone specifically choose a match for you based on your goals and wants instead of relying on an algorithm. 

6. It helps you meet people who have the same relationship goals as you.

Research shows that only 54% of people who use dating apps (or have in the past) are legitimately looking for love. (In fact, one survey shows that 34% of people use these platforms for fun, and 26% use them to seek out casual sex.)

Going on a blind date is arguably different. After all, you’re both making the effort to meet in person, so you can assume the other person is serious about building a romantic future. This means less time wasted and more opportunities to find your forever partner. 

7. It’s a great way to jump back into the dating scene. 

If you’ve ended a long-term relationship, gotten divorced, or become widowed, entering the online dating scene can be overwhelming. And then add in the task of sifting through all those potential matches on dating apps? It’s no wonder dating again can seem like such an uphill battle!

Now, compare that to going on one blind date, and it doesn’t seem so scary. In fact, going on a one-on-one date with someone specifically chosen for you may feel more comfortable—and gratifying—than having to learn all the “rules” and idiosyncrasies of navigating dating apps. Not to mention, it may help you dip your toes back into the dating pool at a pace that feels right for you. 

8. It’s less frustrating (and less deflating) than online dating.

Online dating can be mentally taxing—and dating fatigue is real! According to research, 45% of people feel frustrated by their experience using sites and apps.

But if you go on a blind date, the whole experience may be refreshing compared to the frustration of online dating. And even if you don’t meet the love of your life on your first blind date, you’re likely being paired with someone who is at least a solid match. These better-targeted dating experiences are more rewarding than scrolling profiles and sending messages that may lead nowhere. 

9. It can be more exciting than online dating. 

Given the frustrations and burnout people feel with online dating, blind dating is a great alternative because it’s pure anticipation. You get to meet someone specially selected for you by someone you trust, sight unseen. Even if you don’t make a love connection, you at least know that the person you’re going out with will be someone actually worth meeting. 

10. It allows you to actually meet someone in person.

People spend a lot of time on dating apps, but research shows that nearly a quarter of people using them have never gone on more than a date or two, and 17% of men and 24% of women haven’t met anyone in person at all. There’s a reason why people feel like online dating is more like making penpals than actually going on dates!

Blind dates, however, are actual IRL meet-ups. You can see your date in the flesh, get to know them, and then decide if you want to go on a follow-up date. In some ways, blind dating can help you cut to the chase rather than spending weeks or months chatting online without ever meeting up. 

11. It may lead to lasting love. 

The last reason, and perhaps the most important of all, is that blind dating could be a really effective way to find your forever person. Blind dating doesn’t come with many of the pitfalls of apps, such as unmet expectations or people stretching the truth about who they are or what they want in a relationship. If you’re open to blind dating, you might just be surprised at the results. After all, one blind date could lead to more dates, a relationship, and even marriage down the line!

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