Matchmaking Success Stories from Real Tawkify Couples

Hear from real Tawkify couples about their matchmaking success stories! Find your person and start your journey to love.

When you want to find meaningful romantic connections but dating apps just aren’t cutting it, turn to matchmaking services. With Tawkify, you’ll experience what dating has the potential to be: intentional, fulfilling, and full of promise. And we’re sharing these matchmaking success stories to prove it.

The Matchmaker Process

Matchmaking Success Stories

But first, what is the matchmaker definition and process? When you use our matchmaking service, you’ll be paired with a matchmaker, who is a skilled and trusted partner in your journey to finding love. Whether you choose an active or passive membership with Tawkify, your matchmaker will get to know you—your preferences, personality, lifestyle, deal-breakers, and more—all in an effort to provide the best match. From there, they will find someone from their network of other vetted members who might fulfill your needs. 

From there, your matchmaker will set up a blind date, where you can meet your match in person! Some people might not experience an instant connection—and that’s okay. You’re encouraged to provide feedback after each date so that your matchmaker can continue to improve your matches. This is what sets Tawkify apart: the personalized service that is designed (and proven) to find relationship success.

Matchmaking Success Stories

Now it’s time to learn a little more about some real-life couples who found love with Tawkify.

Maureen & Craig: How Matchmaking Fit into Their Lifestyles

Tawkify Success Story

How do you fit in dating with an already busy work and social life? By using matchmaking services for professionals. That’s what Maureen and Craig did—although separately at first—to bypass the seemingly infinite time and energy that dating apps took. 

Craig’s Tawkify success story began with a few different matches, each of which got better and better. Then, he was matched with Maureen. For Maureen, Craig was her second—and final—match. Matchmaking success stories don’t always happen immediately, but for this couple, it was worth the wait. 

After sharing instant chemistry on their first date, falling in love, and bonding on a skyscraper adventure in New York City, Maureen and Craig decided to commit to a life together. The pair both agree that outsourcing their search for love to a Tawkify matchmaker was the best decision they could have made. “Tawkify fit dating into my lifestyle,” Maureen said. “I believe matchmaking is a great option if you want to find someone.” 

Willie & Ossie: How a Dedicated Matchmaker Changed Their Lives

Tawkify Success Story
Tawkify Success Story: Willie & Ossie

Willie and Ossie had both separately tried online dating, but with no luck. From simply not clicking with the people they met to being drained and frustrated with the process, both wanted to find another way to find love—which brought them to Tawkify. 

They just so happened to share the same matchmaker from the beginning, someone who was dedicated to finding them both a partner who complemented them. As we can see from their Tawkify testimonial, it turns out that they were each other’s best match.

From listening to their preferences and personality needs to setting them up on a virtual first date, Willie and Ossie’s matchmaker was with them every step of the way. Matchmaking services brought them together, and now they tell anyone wondering if they should sign up with Tawkify to “just do it.” 

Michael & LaSonya: How Tawkify Facilitated Dating With Intention

Michael and LaSonya both wanted to meet people who shared their relationship goals and who were genuinely looking for a long-term partner. LaSonya, for one, was not finding these people on dating apps. Michael hadn’t yet tried dating apps, but he knew he needed a structured, less risky approach to finding love. And that’s where Tawkify came in.

LaSonya signed up as a Tawkify client, where she was paired with a dedicated matchmaker. Meanwhile, Michael was a member, meaning that he met with the matchmakers of his potential matches rather than having his own. Though they had different experiences with matchmaking services, the pair only has positive views of the Tawkify way. Tawkify created a space for them to meet other like-minded people who wanted similar things from a potential relationship. 

When LaSonya and Michael met, they both had an “electric” feeling—and the rest is history. Now, this real Tawkify couple is one of the many matchmaking success stories.

Steven & Brent: How Matchmaking Created a Refreshing Dating Experience

Before they even met, Steven and Brent already shared one thing in common: dating apps weren’t bringing value to their lives. Neither felt that they were getting the results they wanted, and Steven realized that he kept seeing the same people across various apps. They each knew that it was time for a change and decided to choose matchmaking services for professionals.

Throughout their separate journeys on Tawkify, Steven and Brent both had a refreshing dating experience. First, they were able to discuss their wants, needs, and deal-breakers with their matchmakers, who then took that feedback to come up with complementary matches. 

Second, they both appreciated the inclusivity of their Tawkify experiences with LGBTQ matchmaking. Brent and Steven “felt at home and super comfortable every step of the way.”

Finally, they didn’t have to spend a ton of time and energy investing in conversations with people who didn’t share their interests and values, as they would have to with dating apps. Tawkify made space for meaningful connections—and finding true love.

Caitlin & Manley: How an Investment in Finding Love Was Worth It

No matter how many matchmaking success stories you hear, the cost of matchmaking can still give you pause. It did for Manley, too. He worried about the financial investment, paired with the fact that he didn’t know anyone personally who had tried matchmaking services. But he soon realized that the cost was worth it. After all, that’s how he met Caitlin.

Manley and Caitlin were set up by their matchmaker on a first date. As with every first date with Tawkify, this one was a blind-date format. The couple is transparent with the fact that it wasn’t love at first sight, but because they both knew they shared a lot of common ground and interests, they wanted to continue getting to know each other.

Through a harrowing—and now humorous—hiking experience as well as some relationship ups and downs, Caitlin and Manley’s relationship only grew stronger. Now, they are happily engaged! The couple credits Tawkify for the personalized and intentional matchmaking experience. Looking back, they’re grateful for every penny they spent on writing their love story.

Aditi & Bhavik: How a Blind Date Turned into a Forever Partnership

Aditi and Bhavik were both familiar with matchmaking. Bhavik had seen examples of matchmaking services on TV shows, and Aditi had experienced it through romantic setups from family members. After striking out on dating apps, they both decided to give Tawkify a try. 

Tawkify is unique in that it uses blind-date format. While members and clients can receive information about a potential match beforehand, they won’t see them until they’re face to face. Even though this created some first-date nerves, Aditi and Bhavik agree that it was successful because of all the work the matchmaker does ahead of time to ensure that it’s a good match. At first sight, it felt like they had known each other for years. From there, the couple’s bond grew deeper, and now they’re settling in for a lifetime of love. 

From blind date to engaged, Bhavik and Aditi’s love story is one for the ages.

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