Is Tawkify Legit? Read Chris & Tammy’s Love Story

Is Tawkify legit? Find out how Tammy and Chris found each other through a matchmaking service. Read their love story right here.

Can dating as a Christian lead to relationship success? For Tammy and Chris, the answer is yes!

Perhaps you’re a Christian single looking for alternatives to dating apps. You might be wondering, “Should I try matchmaking?” or “Is Tawkify legit?” To help you decide, read this matchmaking success story, where two like-minded people find a partnership based in love and faith.

Striking Out on Dating Apps

Many real Tawkify couples spend time on dating apps before finding their person through matchmaking—and Chris and Tammy are no different. Both initially enjoyed the process of finding and chatting with people online and getting to know them on their own terms. But for two people whose faith plays a large part of their lives, finding a partner with shared values and beliefs was key. And neither had luck encountering like-minded Christians online. Tammy and Chris knew that there had to be another way. 

Taking Their Love Journeys Out of Their Hands

Both Chris and Tammy found Tawkify on social media and liked what they saw. They read positive Tawkify reviews and thought that the matchmaking process sounded refreshing. While Tammy became a Tawkify member, Chris eventually decided to become a client, meaning that he had a dedicated matchmaker. But he didn’t come to this decision right away. 

While Chris knew he wanted to try something different and meet people without dating apps, he still wasn’t quite sure about matchmaking, wondering if the cost of matchmaking would be worth it (spoiler alert: it was!). He prayed that God would give him direction in his love life. Then, one night he had a dream that he was going to get married, and in this dream, God told him, “You have to go find the woman.” Soon after, Tawkify reappeared in his social media feed. “I thought, ‘Huh, I think this is from God,’” Chris said. He soon signed up with the matchmaking service and began his journey with Tawkify. “I was comfortable with trying a different way,” Chris said. “I put it in a higher power’s hands and trusted in God.” 

Trusting in the Tawkify Process

Tammy and Chris soon discovered the answer to “is Tawkify legit?” They both appreciated the intentionality of and effort included in the Tawkify process. Chris had one match before Tammy, and while it wasn’t the right fit, he liked that he was able to refine what he was looking for and provide feedback to his matchmaker. 

They also both appreciated the energy and effort that a professional was investing into finding and vetting matches, instead of spending tons of time researching and chatting with potential love interests on their own. “Tawkify matchmakers do all the work in the background,” Tammy said. “When someone goes to that effort and level to set someone up, that means they’re a really good service.”

Additionally, with shared religion such a large aspect of his romantic search, Chris was grateful to find out that his matchmaker was also a person of faith. “She went above and beyond to find someone who really met my faith need,” he said. From the outset, he knew his matchmaker had his deal-breakers in mind. Tammy was also specific about meeting a faith-based person and was waiting in the wings to be approached with a match. 

Breaking First-Date Rules

Once Chris and Tammy were matched, it was time to meet. Tawkify’s blind date format meant that Tammy was a little nervous to meet someone she had never seen before. “The matchmaker said he was cute, so I had to trust her,” Tammy said. It turns out that the matchmaker was right. “Chris was adorable. She said he had gorgeous blue eyes, and she was totally right about that,” Tammy said. 

Chris’s first impression? When he arrived at the restaurant for their dinner date, then turned his head and saw how beautiful Tammy was, he knew it would be a wonderful evening. “Our first date was phenomenal. It ended up being a 5-hour date!” he said.

It was clear from the moment they met that the soon-to-be couple had a connection. From the get-go, there was deep authenticity. “We kind of broke some of the first-date rules and got honest about things in our lives,” Tammy said. “Chris was so transparent and open about his life—even the difficult things.” They were a Tawkify success story waiting to happen.

A Match Made in Heaven

After their second date, Chris and Tammy felt that they had something special. In fact, Chris knew that he wanted to marry her—and a couple of weeks later, Tammy felt the same way. 

She was surprised by how quickly she fell head over heels for Chris. “I’m a processor. I take time to think through things, and I didn’t want to fall for the emotion of falling in love,” she said. But during a family vacation, she heard God telling her that Chris was the man for her. During their time apart, she wrote him a six-page letter. “It basically said ‘I’m hopelessly in love with you and want to marry you,’” Tammy said.

It didn’t take long for Chris to propose, getting down on one knee in a quaint chapel at their local church. Soon, they were married—only 99 days after meeting. While their courtship might seem fast to some, Tammy and Chris believed that this was a match made in heaven and that with some love stories, there was no need to wait. “I was trusting that God would bring me the right person. And sure enough, He did,” Chris said.

Bound by Faith and Love

Chris and Tammy know that their Tawkify success story is thanks in large part to both Tawkify and their higher power. Tawkify helped them both find partners who matched their zest for life, ability to have deep conversations, and daily faith. “We are so in love and so happy,” Tammy said. “God has blessed us, and we are indebted to Tawkify. If you are ready to find your person, don’t wait.”

Is Tawkify legit from Chris’s perspective? “If I had to do it again—which I won’t have to!—I would definitely recommend a matchmaking service,” he said. “Tawkify is a place I would go.”

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