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Pros and Cons of Matchmaking Services

Vince RiccoVince Ricco
Vince Ricco
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Considering matchmaking? Read our guide on its pros and cons to see if it's the right choice for your dating journey.

We’ve moved from a time where people once greeted the idea of online dating with a level of skepticism to viewing it very much as a social norm, and a number of services have been curated to accommodate for niche interests and dating styles. In an attempt to date with intention, many people download more than just one of the dating apps promising to provide connection, but many of the apps require a lot of time and attention, and often require engagement in something of a “numbers game” in order to land a physical date from a virtual hello. For busy professionals, or those just tired of the merry-go-round, the timeless practice of matchmaking continues to transition back to the center stage of dating app alternatives.

Today we’ll talk about matchmaking vs. dating apps and dig deep into mythbusting matchmaking, with an attempt to objectively lay out the pros and cons, and empower readers with healthy and realistic expectations should they choose to make the move. If you’re trying to learn how to meet people without dating apps or just wondering if matchmaking is worth it, keep reading. 

Pros of Matchmaking Services

Personalized Attention

One of the largest benefits of hiring a matchmaker includes the fact that matchmakers pride themselves on providing a highly curated and personalized experience. Unlike dating apps that rely on algorithms, matchmakers do their best work by getting to know you first, gaining real understanding of your values, interest, and lifestyle. We’ll talk about your whole life (to whatever degree you’re comfortable), and provide thoughtful insight and an external perspective. We also provide feedback sessions to discuss what your dates are saying about their experiences with you, and, if you’re game, we even have an awesome coaching team to help you put your best foot forward. 

Quality Over Quantity

At Tawkify, we have a curated pool of potential matches, and that’s generally how all matchmaking services work. We vet and verify the identity of potential matches and speak with them over video in advance to discuss potential and interest. This process allows you to avoid getting stuck in a series of interview-style dinner dates with people who might have misrepresented themselves online. We make sure your matches are who they say they are, and keep a record of previous date feedback and conversations you or your match have had with your matchmaking team over time to optimize and target for energetic compatibility. 

Professional Guidance

Successful matchmakers sport a high level of emotional intelligence and practical understanding of clients’ needs. Your journey is personal and we take that seriously, but we are armed with the data and career history needed to help guide you along your way. Sometimes this means having simple conversations about prioritizing preferences. Sometimes this means having complicated conversations in order to avoid repeating traumatic relationship history. No matter the case, at Tawkify, you have a non-judgemental and receptive human co-piloting with you on the journey to find your person.

Time Efficiency

Consider how many hours a day you’re already on your phone, and how much extra time you find yourself with at the end of the work day. While very different, there are also similarities in pursuing love in comparison with the time investment of finding a new home or a new job. This pursuit can be really rewarding, and a great adventure, but a lot of busy professionals simply can’t do it all. Depending on your current engagement, we might be saving you 30+ hours/month, leaving you the space you need to move through the world while still dating with intention.

Cons of Matchmaking Services

Financial Investment

The cost of matchmaking can be prohibitive for some, but it’s a strategic investment for those committed to finding lasting love. This service offers a personalized touch, with a dedicated matchmaker who understands your unique preferences and relationship goals, steering clear of the superficial connections that often plague dating apps. Particularly beneficial for busy professionals or those tired of the dating apps and online dating, this approach saves valuable time and guarantees that each date has genuine potential. The cost of matchmaking is not merely a financial transaction; it’s an investment in your future happiness and relationship success. Opting for matchmaking means choosing a more intentional and fulfilling journey to love, making the expense a worthwhile consideration for those seeking a deep, lasting connection.

Limited Pool of Matches

While the emphasis on quality over quantity is a strength, it can also be a limitation. Matchmaking services operate with a smaller pool of potential matches, which may restrict the variety of options available to users. However, this targeted method ensures that each match is more aligned with your preferences and relationship goals, making every interaction more meaningful. Your own dating style might include a desire or even a need to kiss a lot of frogs, with very little targeting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is definitely worth considering before investing, though. 

Lack of Control

For many working professionals, executives, or industry leaders, this can be a tough one. In a traditional dating scenario, individuals have the autonomy to choose their potential partners by browsing and hand-picking. Matchmaking involves paying a service to take some of that control. The good news is that we work squarely and earnestly within the parameters set in our meetings together. It’s worthy of note, though, that this lack of autonomy might be challenging for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to their dating journey, especially when it comes to blind dating. While not part of all matchmaking services, curated matches who fit your aesthetic criteria but whom you haven’t seen yet can be a real exercise in trust, and an opportunity to get biases and assumptions out of the way. For some, this exercise is especially challenging. 

No Guarantees of Marriage

At the heart of our matchmaking service lies a commitment to fostering genuine connections, driven by both ethical standards and financial motivations. However, the nature of love and chemistry’s unpredictability means we cannot guarantee marriage. Love and chemistry are mercurial things. While we can target with relative precision for aesthetics, lifestyle, mutual interests, relationship goals and values, there is no perfect science to our work.

This reality doesn’t diminish the value of matchmaking; rather, it highlights the personalized and thoughtful journey we offer. Tawkify matchmaking is designed for those who appreciate the depth and intentionality behind every match, understanding that the path to love is as unique as the individuals walking it.

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