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A Broken Heart

Are Your Love Blinders On?

Think about the past several relationships you’ve been in. Why did they end? Think back to the first time you met and the 2-3 dates that immediately followed. If you’re really honest with yourself, did you see any red flags? Ones that, unfortunately, you ignored?

Why do we do this? Falling in love is a rush — but you are still you

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Dating Tangentials

Do you ever feel like a part of the reason why dating has not worked for you in the past is because, well, you don’t really like dating…?

I’m specifically referencing cookie-cutter dating – and let’s be honest the average person has been on too many dinner dates to count on 3 hands. So why not shake it up? This is an element of Tawkify I dearly love – our date designs. A Philly client recently met his match for a salsa dancing class at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  We’ve sent clients out to burlesque shows, pop-up art exhibits and festivals. And, why not?! 

While someone doing all the hard work for you is GLORIOUS – you can also resolve to date differently on your own…

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Don’t Get Crushed

When you have a serious crush, it’s a feeling like no other. You catch yourself smiling for no reason and your world feels lighter, somehow sparkly. Thinking about your crush, you’re elated. Like a person with a magical secret. You could fly around your kitchen! It’s wonderful… and nerve wracking.  Falling for someone new is often a time of extreme energy and wonder mixed with goodly portions of self-doubt and anxiety.

You’re smitten. Enchanted. Utterly charmed. Now what?

During this fantastically magic time, try to keep the following in mind…

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What Do You Really LIKE About Being Single?

While some clients admittedly come to feeling kind of miserably “alone” or unhappily uncoupled, many others really enjoy this time of their lives while searching for a most ideal other. “Single” doesn’t necessarily equate to “alone” in the mind of every singleton, and one’s perception of the challenges and opportunities inherent to going it alone for awhile appears to be somewhat, well… individual.

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What “Little Things” Mean A LOT to You?

In our experience working with thousands of daters and countless successful Tawkify-forged couples, little things do, indeed, tend to mean a lot. Getting a “Good morning, Beautiful/Handsome” text as you’re getting ready for work, or an impromptu greeting card “just because”… or playing footsie with your date under a table at your favorite coffee spot, just to connect undercover, can go a long way in strengthening feelings of attachment and contentment…

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Honesty Box: Your Worst First Date Ever

Part audition, part interview, part gauntlet. No one seems to be overly fond of the unavoidable first date. Of course, without it, there’d be no seconds, or thirds, or marriages or children. So that’s that. Unless you have a Tawkify Matchmaker to “go on” all of your potentially terrible first dates for you when they screen potential matches, you’re just stuck, we’re afraid.

Besides the pressure of choosing the right place, wearing the right thing and talking about all the right stuff, what’s the big deal, anyway. Suffice it to say, first impressions are, indeed, quite lasting and our first date feedback loop definitely bears this out…

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Lonely or Alone?

“There’s a paradox that would be amusing if it weren’t so starkly true: Though numerous people in America would say they’re lonely, they’re certainly not alone in that feeling. Despite the fact that we can have thousands of friends on Facebook and armfuls of followers on Twitter, we’ve entered what many social commentators have dubbed the ‘age of loneliness.’

Amazing that although we have more access to people than ever that so many of us do feel lonely. Dictionary’s website defines that as being this: ‘destitute of sympathetic or friendly companionship, intercourse, support, etc.’ OK, but here’s our dilemma: For every person who’s lonely, how many single people would say ‘I’m not lonely, I’m alone. BIG DIFFERENCE.”

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