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To Pursue & Be Pursued

I get it. We all want love, and it’s #$%^ing complicated. But, if your pure and genuine efforts to let a man know you’re interested are being lost in translation, this article is for you…

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Crash Course On Crush Talk

Our Director of Matchmaking, Julia Armet, is more than just a pretty face — she knows her stuff. So, when Elite Daily came to her for advice on playing it cool with a crush, she obviously crushed it. Julia joins dating coach Stef Safran in These Techniques Make Talking To Your Crush Easy When You Feel Awkward AF

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Solo Trip Series: Cuba

Our very own wander woman, Olivia Balsinger, details her solo travels across the globe as a model for us to follow. Next stop? Cuba…

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6 Unexpected Places to Meet Offline

Rest assured that plenty (and I mean millions and millions) of relationships start offline. And it happens every day. This article is all about meeting IRL, and no — none of these suggestions include a bar…

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