Relationship Green Flags: 10 Signs They’re a Keeper!

Are you looking for signs of a healthy relationship? Our dating guide covers ten green flag examples you can look for in your own relationship.

You’ve probably heard of red flags. You know, the signs in a relationship that ought to make you run for the hills—or at least reassess your situation or partner. Red flags are often warning signs, as they signal you might be in a toxic or unhealthy relationship. For example, a red flag might signify that your partner isn’t willing to commit to you or that you don’t mutually respect each other. 

Now, we know to be mindful of red flags when it comes to dating, but are there signs of a healthy relationship you can look out for? 

Yes! We call these signs green flags, as they usually suggest you’ve got a good thing going on in the love department. They mean you’re in a solid, trusting relationship with a partner who makes you feel confident, comfortable, and secure. 

So, how do you spot relationship green flags? We’re glad you asked! 

Below, we’ve listed some of the top green flag examples. Whether you’re just getting to know your partner or looking to settle down with them, look for these ten signs in your own relationship to see if you’re in a good place. 

1. You Share Similar Relationship Goals

Being on the same page is an important factor in a relationship moving in the right direction. It means you’ve had open conversations about your relationship goals and future. For example, is marriage in the cards for you, or are you just looking for something low-key for now? And what about starting a family? Are you open to the idea of having kids, or would you prefer to stay child-free?

Discussing what you want and need out of a relationship and finding yourselves sharing the same goals can put you in a healthy position to create a future together. It’s a green flag if you want the same things from your relationship so that you can collectively work toward those goals as a couple. 

2. You Communicate Well Together

Good communication is a major sign of a healthy relationship, as it shows you and your partner can discuss everything, from the light stuff to the heavy stuff. You both should feel safe and secure having tough discussions and being open and honest with one another because this kind of communication is what will see you through the good and bad times.  

Does your partner actively listen to what you say? Do you give your partner the space to speak without interrupting them? And do you allow yourselves room to discuss, disagree, and come to resolutions as a couple? If so, then this is a good sign for your relationship and a major green flag in our book.

3. You Give Each Other Space

The ability and willingness to give each other space is another green flag in a relationship. This reveals that you’re not only confident and secure in yourself and your relationship, but it also shows you trust your partner.

Allowing each other space to do things on their own or spend time with others is a sign of a healthy relationship. After all, you don’t need to be attached at the hip at all times. 

However, if your partner smothers you with attention, acts jealous when you’re spending time with other people, or gets upset when you want alone time, then you might be dealing with the opposite of a green flag. 

4. Your Friends and Family Support Your Relationship 

Oftentimes, your friends and family members will have a good pulse on your relationship. In fact, they sometimes see and recognize things in your relationship that you don’t even notice yourself. For instance, they might register the way your partner looks at you or hear what they say when you’re not around. They can pick up on little things that may be telling of your relationship. 

Therefore, if they’re encouraging your relationship, cheering you on, and supporting you and your partner’s future together, then it sounds like a relationship green flag to us! Of course, that also means if they’re not supportive or happy about your relationship, then you may want to consider their perspectives. 

5. You Feel Comfortable Around Each Other

Do you feel like you can’t be yourself in your relationship? Does it seem like your partner is always putting on an act? Or are you worried that your partner won’t like you if they see a certain side of you? If so, then these might be considered red flags, as they suggest you can’t put your guard down around each other. 

Alternatively, if you and your partner feel comfortable, confident, and secure, letting your true, authentic selves shine around each other, then this is definitely a green flag example. After all, you should never feel like you have to hide your feelings or act like someone else around your partner. You and your partner should be willing to let it all hang out around each other, no matter what that looks like. 

6. You Trust Each Other

If you’ve ever lacked or lost trust in a previous partner, then you know all too well how it can be the demise of your relationship, as it can lead to all sorts of insecurities and jealous tendencies. 

That’s what makes trust such a green flag—it’s the foundation of any strong, healthy relationship, as it lets you grow together without fear. You don’t have to question whether your partner is being honest or wonder how they’re behaving when you’re not around. When you trust one another, you can feel at ease in your relationship without unnecessary worry.

7. You Can Rely on Each Other

Having a partner who you can rely on is another major green flag in a relationship. This is because it shows that they’re always there for you, whether you need a ride home or someone to care for you while you’re sick. 

That said, if your partner is always showing up late, flaking on your plans, or forgetting about important things, then you’re going to have a difficult time trusting that they’ll be there for you when you need them most. 

8. You Prioritize One Another

You don’t have to be the very center of your partner’s world—and vice versa—but you should be a priority. That means your partner doesn’t choose to hang out with their friends over you or cancel plans with you in favor of something they deem better. If you and your partner are in a happy, healthy relationship, then putting each other first should come naturally. 

9. You Share Similar Values

Sure, sometimes opposites attract, but it’s important to be aligned on certain matters. For instance, do you share similar political beliefs? And what about your views on religion? Do you see eye-to-eye, or are you on totally different ends of the spectrum? 

While it’s okay to have differing opinions at times, it helps not to have completely polarizing views of the world. You see, if you can’t agree on basic values, you may have a difficult time growing together and building a life together, particularly when it comes to making joint decisions. However, if you both share similar values and interests, then this could be a green flag in your relationship. 

10. You Both Want to Move Forward Together

Our final green flag example is the willingness to commit to each other and move forward as a couple. This might involve making decisions about the future together and including each other in those plans. When you mutually dedicate yourselves to your relationship, it’s a sign that you want to jump all in and embark on the next stage of life together. 

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