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40 New & Unique Valentines Date Ideas (2024)

Get inspired for the most romantic day of the year with these Valentine’s Day date ideas perfect for any couple!

Every year when February 14th nears, you might be wondering how to put a fresh spin on Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, we’ve brainstormed for you! When you want fantastic, romantic experiences that go beyond the traditional, these Valentine’s Day date ideas deliver.

Whether you’re stuck in a dating-idea rut, just met someone who makes your heart sing, or simply want some inspo to amp up your relationship game, use some of these unique Valentine’s date ideas to help make your day one to remember. 

1. Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Menu

While there’s nothing wrong with splurging on a 5-star Valentine’s Day dining experience, sometimes you want the low-stakes atmosphere of cooking at home. Either surprise your partner with a just-for-them menu, or create one together using your favorite ingredients. 

2. Order a Fancy Dinner from a Meal Service

If the kitchen is the last place you feel comfy, consider ordering a dinner kit from a meal subscription service. You’ll still have a delicious V-Day dinner without the stress of finally learning how to use the oven in one night.

3. Participate in an Extreme Sport

If you and your S.O. are looking for Valentine’s Day date ideas to liven things up, why not sign up for an adventurous activity like parasailing, ziplining, paragliding, or skydiving? Whether you’re adventure-inclined or are just here to face your fears, taking a little risk together can create a strong bond and lasting memories. 

4. Play Valentine’s Bingo

Cue up your favorite romantic comedy and settle in for a hilarious game of bingo. Create bingo cards with prompts like “over-the-top romantic gesture,” “awkward morning after,” or “the ex makes an appearance.” If you’re dating long distance, Valentine’s bingo is perfect for a virtual, romantic night in.

5. Eat a Progressive Breakfast

We’ve all heard of a progressive dinner, but why leave breakfast out of the mix? Start your day off right with this cute Valentine’s idea. Begin at your favorite coffee shop, head to a diner to share an omelet, grab a pastry at a local bakery, and top off your breakfast feast with a latte or a bloody mary. 

6. Enjoy an At-Home Spa Night

A sumptuous experience at a spa is always a home run for a romantic Valentine’s Day date idea, but it can come with a high price tag. Instead, plan a spa night at home, where you can relax and relish in each other’s company. Pick up bath salts or bubble bath, aromatic massage oils, face masks, and a bottle of champagne for the ultimate romantic night in.

7. Explore a New Neighborhood

For a unique Valentine’s date idea, rent bikes or electric scooters and meander through a neighborhood you haven’t spent much time in before, stopping in at inviting shops or restaurants. 

8. Paint and Picnic

Pick a scenic spot in your town (extra points if you go at sunset), and head there with a picnic, paints, and two canvases in tow. This is a fun option for outdoor date ideas in areas that aren’t arctic in February. 

9. Go to a Tasting Event

To celebrate your successful dry January, indulge on Valentine’s Day with a tasting event at a local winery, distillery, or brewery. If you’re leading the mocktail life, no problem! Set up a sparkling water or kombucha tasting at home and pair each flavor with a fun snack. 

10. Play Miniature Golf

When you’re looking for outdoorsy things to do on Valentine’s Day that won’t make you break a sweat, mini-golf is the way to go. No matter if you’re a golf pro or a novice just here for a good time, mini-golf is a fun, light-hearted way to spend Valentine’s Day.

11. See a Comedy Show

Enjoy lots of laughs together at a comedy show to create a lighthearted mood on V-Day. From open-mic nights to local acts to renowned comics, there’s sure to be something that fits your mood.

12. Learn Each Other’s Love Languages

Spend the evening getting to know how you both prefer to show and receive love. By learning each other’s love languages, you’re setting your relationship up for better communication and more intentionality.

13. Go Ice Skating

Ice skating isn’t just reserved for the holiday season! It’s one of the best, romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas to share with your loved one. 

14. Take Dance Lessons

Sign up for dancing lessons, like hip hop, salsa, or square dancing. Watch out—you might turn a V-Day activity into a potentially lifelong hobby.

15. Listen to Live Music

Seek out live music, whether it’s an intimate jazz club or a hard rock concert at a large venue. Bonus points if you get tickets to one of your date’s favorite artists!

16. Make It a Fun Dinner Night

Does “fun dinner” mean finger foods? Or does it simply mean throwing a blanket on the ground and eating in front of the TV? Whatever fun dinner night means to you and yours, go all in and create a comfy or silly mealtime. (Hint: This should be on your list of at-home date ideas for the rest of the year, too!)

17. Hit the Trails

Swap the nighttime Valentine’s date ideas for a fun adventure during the day. Find a local trail, lace up your boots, and wander through nature with your love. Don’t forget to pack a picnic just in case you have a scenic spot to stop for lunch.

18. Play Pickleball

Jump on the pickleball craze and head to your nearest court for an hour or two of fun. And if you’re looking for winter date ideas that can withstand freezing temps, many cities have indoor courts.

19. Eat at the Bar

A lovely alternative to making reservations far in advance is simply choosing a restaurant you’ve both been wanting to try and popping in for dinner at the bar. Bar seats are usually first come, first served, and often don’t include prex fixe menus, which is perfect for couples on a budget—and procrastinators.

20. Book a Night at a Hotel

Turn your Valentine’s Day date ideas into an ultimate romantic experience with your loved one by booking a night at a hotel with all the amenities. Snuggle into bed and order room service for dinner, relax in the tub, and relish in each other’s company before heading back to real life tomorrow.

21. See a Drive-In Movie

Pack blankets and a picnic dinner and settle in for a romantic night at a drive-in movie, cuddled up to your person.

22. Make a Time Capsule

For cute Valentine’s ideas that you’ll remember forever, keep reading. If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, capture the memories of the day by putting them in a time capsule. Keep receipts from coffee or meal outings, ticket stubs, small trinkets, photos, and more that you’ll get to reminisce on every V-Day for years to come.

23. Take a Day Trip

If you’re looking for things to do on Valentine’s Day outside of your area, why not trek to a nearby town you’ve been wanting to visit? Surprise your S.O. with a road trip or train tickets, then explore your destination hand in hand.

24. Wander Through a Big-Box Store

Calling all IKEA, Costco, and Target lovers—turn your favorite big-box store into your next Valentine’s date idea, where you and your boo leisurely wander through the store and pick out three small items that remind you of the other person. Surprise each other with the items when you’ve emerged from the store. 

25. Take a Cruise

Do you have water nearby? Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to plan an adventurous date idea by taking a romantic sunset cruise or renting kayaks or stand-up paddle boards for a choose-your-own adventure.

26. Cross Something Off Your Bucket Lists

Take a look at your bucket list (either a shared or individual) and aim to cross something off. This can make for some creative Valentine’s Day date ideas! Perhaps you’ve both been wanting to try couple’s yoga or go ax throwing or play sexy Twister. Whatever you can cross off today, go for it!

27. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Your partner will be blown away by this Valentine’s date idea. While this is on the pricier side of things, a hot air balloon ride will truly be an experience to remember.

28. Retrace the Steps of a Past Date

There’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane. With this cute Valentine’s idea, you and your partner can retrace your steps from your first date together or your first Valentine’s Day.

29. Sing Karaoke

Sing your hearts out at a live karaoke bar and cheer each other on as you belt it out to love songs. If live audiences aren’t your thing, you can always go to a karaoke bar that has private rooms.

30. Go Out for Dinner and a Show

If your date go-to is dinner and a movie, change things up with tickets to a performing arts venue that includes dinner. From live theater to live music, there are many spots around the country that offer guests the chance to dine out while watching a lively show.

31. Rent a Horse-Drawn Carriage

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day date ideas are the cheesiest, and this option is no exception. If you’re a romantic at heart, chances are that you’ve always been curious about what it’s like to ride on a horse-drawn carriage, snuggled up to your love. Well, now’s the time to do it! Rent an hour or two on a carriage in your town, and see where the night takes you.

32. Write Each Other Love Letters

Tell your sweetheart what they really mean to you by writing it down. Spend some time together on Valentine’s Day sharing your heart on paper, then take turns reading your letters to each other.

33. Have Fun With Sexy Ad Libs

Get the dirty talk going tonight with sexy ad libs. You can create your own or print some out for free online. Get ready for lots of laughs and hopefully some intimate moments.

34. Volunteer Together

Do you both have a cause you care about? One of the most caring things to do on Valentine’s Day is to give back to your community. On a day that pressures you to spend money, instead donate your time to an organization that assists those in need. 

This is also a nice option for singles alone on Valentine’s Day because focusing on helping others can also help you reset mentally and emotionally. If you don’t have anyone this year, read these empowering quotes about being single on Valentine’s Day.

35. Reminisce on the Memories

Rekindle your love by looking at old photos and videos of you together. You could even set the mood by lighting candles, then settle in for a night of remembering just how much you love each other.

36. Enjoy Takeout With a View

Valentine’s Day might not be the best time to go on a first date, so this idea involves picking your favorite fast food and heading to the best view in town to share a meal together and get to know each other without the pressure.

37. Play Tourists

Plan a day where you and your date are only allowed to do touristy things, like going to the most touristy spot in your town, visiting the most popular restaurants, or even taking a segway tour.

38. Check Out Free Activities

There are still cute Valentine’s ideas even if you don’t want to spend money. Look up free activities in your area and check out some of them with your date. This can be a fun way to get in touch with your community, too!

39. Get Competitive

If you’re both gamers at heart—or just like a little competition—head to spots like Dave & Buster’s, arcades, or bowling alleys.

40. Wander into a Speakeasy

Say a toast to your love with specialty cocktails at a speakeasy. This is a fun, romantic option to round out your wonderful evening together.

Wherever your Valentine’s Day takes you, remember that the reason for the day is to celebrate each other. The best Valentine’s Day date ideas are the ones that prioritize you and your loved one. Now it’s time to find your person and get planning!

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