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Reconnect: A Retreat For Men

Lauren Korshak and her colleague, Jon Glancy, are the founders of a progressive retreat designed to confront the challenges the modern man faces. I sat down with Lauren to get the inside story on her brainchild called, Reconnect…

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Solo Trip Series: Boston

Our very own wander woman, Olivia Balsinger, will detail her own solo travels across the globe as a model for us to follow. Enjoy (and take note) as she details tips on lodging, food, activities and even a little history…

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Matchmaker Alyssa Bunn’s First Date Manual

Nearly everyone feels nervous when going on a first date. Your anxiety might be mild or massive. A few – or many – butterflies are bound to appear when you’ll be spending time with someone you don’t know well (if at all). So, we must keep in mind that dating is a process…

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Dating Instruction Roundup VII

Unconditional, radical acceptance of each other — regardless of what anyone else thinks — may create deeper intimacy than socially-constructed commitments…

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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going On The Second Date

Ah, the elusive second date. You’ve made it through the first. It was most likely dinner…or a few cocktails sprinkled in with light conversation. Now you’re wondering–will there be a second? And if so, do I even want to go? 

Sometimes chemistry is immediate–a jolt, then a rushing. It overpowers you and leaves you jittering with excitement. Other times, first date chemistry is more of a slow build which doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t there. It’s just more… tame. You enjoyed yourself, but  don’t feel as though you might soar over the moon. Does this mean a second date isn’t in order? Absolutely not! 

If the “to second date or not to second date” enigma has you flummoxed, the following questions might help…

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