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Marriage Market Takeover

“Sheng Nu” literally translates to “Leftover woman.” Today, Chinese women face immense pressure to get married before they turn 27. In many Chinese cities, so called marriage markets are a common sight, where parents go to post and match personal ads. A number of brave Chinese women have finally stood up to speak their mind against society’s labels and their parents’ pressures…


The Intricacies of Playing “Hard To Get”

We have been performing the cat and mouse act with potential mates for centuries. While many argue the art of being enigmatic and demur is attractive–do we really know that is true? Stanford PhD Jayson Jia, and his associates, embarked on a scientific expedition to determine whether this widely accepted dating practice was actually bona fide…


Matchmaker Says: Be Open-Minded

Matchmaker Boon sent this video out to the team with the subject line: “Oh, the relevance.” We couldn’t agree more. Watch One Girl Design Her Perfect Guy, And Then Meet Him. It’s smart, playful and revelatory…


The Staggering Research On Choosing Mates

E. Jean Carroll occasionally drops a line to the team with a little inspiration or interesting tidbit of research. Aren’t we a lucky bunch?! Her last token to us was a collection of the latest research on all things amour. Enjoy…


Dating Instruction Roundup, Volume II

Attraction is surely a fickle beast, but science has proven that intelligence attracts– and humor implies intelligence. Geoffrey Miller and Dr. Gil Greengross’s recent paper on the importance of humor in mating, asserts that humor is indeed an indicator of mate quality and mental fitness…


Should You Pursue a Person…or a Relationship?

When going out into the world (or, more often, the internet) to seek love and companionship, most of us decide to date someone based on how they make us feel, or based on attributes we seek in someone else. Most of us don’t think about the relationship we want. We think about the person we […]

From the Experts

Matchmaker Says: If You’re Feeling Defeated

Let’s trust ourselves and turn our backs on those who don’t. Let’s breathe fire and magic together. Let’s burn your stupid fucking questionnaires and scorecards to ashes, and then let’s fly through the blustery wind together, brilliant and perfect and terrible. Let’s never live under that mountain again…

A Broken Heart

Is It Right Or Is It Wrong?

Since we’re in the professional matchmaking business, we run into a lot of different people with interesting stories about their past relationships. Something that we try to remind them is it’s one thing to be in a relationship–it’s something else entirely to be in one that is right for them…

From the Experts

Matchmaker Says: Lisa Yanni Revealed

This week’s Matchmaker Says is all about the talented and beautiful Lisa Yanni! Last week, Lisa was featured in The Evening Tribune in an article authored by Jason Jordan, focused on unconventional careers. Like many of our matchmakers Lisa came to us from several (seemingly) unrelated fields–teaching and IT recruitment…

A Broken Heart

Friends Without Benefit

Toxic friends. Whether we want to admit it or not, all of us have had at least one. We have covered unhealthy romantic relationships before, but what about unhealthy platonic relationships? What are some of the indicators of an unhealthy friendship? LifeHack recently published a thorough list of indicators…

A Broken Heart

Dating Instruction Roundup, Volume I

Since launch in June 2015, Heartalytics has published A LOT of great advice, research and original storytelling. As editor, I felt it would be helpful to our readers to create a monthly snapshot of past content. This isn’t just any past content, of course…  Look to these snapshots for quick, no nonsense tips that get right to the heart of the matter…a dating instruction roundup, if you will.  Enjoy these short, sage snippets of input and encouragement on us…

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