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What Did Your Parents Teach You About Relationships?

Countless studies indicate that our parents influence us in many ways – some we don’t even realize – in terms of how our perspective on adult relationships are formed. Are your parents together or divorced. In either case, were they happy with their decisions, or not so much… How about you?

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What Would You Say… if you had the chance?

This month, the website, The Good Men Project, featured pieces from two guest writers, Patrick Sallee and Arianna Jeret. Patrick wrote “An Open Letter to the Woman I Want,” and Arianna wrote “An Open Letter to the Man I Want.” Here’s what they’d have to say, if they had the chance…


The Heart Beat: Relationship “Do’s” and Oh, please “Don’ts”

Do you observe destructive relationship patterns to which your frustrated friends seem oblivious?  Or perhaps your friends may have tried calling to your attention some observations that you just weren’t ready to hear? Many of us want healthy, romantic connections that can last the test of time… but we are not all — alas — equally adept in the romantic-relationship-nurturing department…

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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

In a recent post by Jezebel, “Taking a Break to Be Friends Is the Most Baffling Activity Known to Humankind,” the conversation turns to couples who decide to break up—sometimes without technically calling it that—in order to be friends. Uh huh…


The Skeleton Game

You are standing in a room. Paint it however you like. Change the lighting. Invite some furnishings. A lamp. A rug. Some music even. Make it relaxing. This is your safe haven. Ahhhh. In the back of the room, there is a closet. The closet is filled with skeletons. You hate the closet…

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What Do You Really LIKE About Being Single?

While some clients admittedly come to feeling kind of miserably “alone” or unhappily uncoupled, many others really enjoy this time of their lives while searching for a most ideal other. “Single” doesn’t necessarily equate to “alone” in the mind of every singleton, and one’s perception of the challenges and opportunities inherent to going it alone for awhile appears to be somewhat, well… individual.

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What “Little Things” Mean A LOT to You?

In our experience working with thousands of daters and countless successful Tawkify-forged couples, little things do, indeed, tend to mean a lot. Getting a “Good morning, Beautiful/Handsome” text as you’re getting ready for work, or an impromptu greeting card “just because”… or playing footsie with your date under a table at your favorite coffee spot, just to connect undercover, can go a long way in strengthening feelings of attachment and contentment…

From the Experts

Matchmaker Says: When Should You Call?

Question: When should I talk to a woman after a great date? Matchmaker Radha says: That’s a great question. My answer to you would be simply that every date is different, and that every person is different as well. There are so many silly rules out there – such as waiting three days to contact someone after a date in order to not appear too eager. I personally believe that there should be no hard and fast rules when it comes to making contact after a date. If the date went really well…

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Honesty Box: Your Worst First Date Ever

Part audition, part interview, part gauntlet. No one seems to be overly fond of the unavoidable first date. Of course, without it, there’d be no seconds, or thirds, or marriages or children. So that’s that. Unless you have a Tawkify Matchmaker to “go on” all of your potentially terrible first dates for you when they screen potential matches, you’re just stuck, we’re afraid. Besides the pressure of choosing the right place, wearing the right thing and talking about all the right stuff, what’s the big deal, anyway. Suffice it to say, first impressions are, indeed, quite lasting and our first date feedback loop definitely bears this out…

Do you think you’re feeling lonely or alone in your relationship? Our alone vs. lonely guide will help you better understand and overcome what you might be feeling.
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Lonely or Alone? Understand the Difference and How to Cope

There are times in your life when you may feel lonely or alone. Maybe you’re single and miss having someone around to keep you company, or perhaps you’re feeling alone in your relationship even though your partner is sitting right next to you.  While we often use the words alone and lonely interchangeably, there are […]

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Have you ever been GHOSTED?

“Ghosting is the process of ending a romantic (or platonic) relationship by cutting off, blocking, or ignoring your former partner’s attempts to contact you. Basically, when you’re ghosting someone, you’re ending a relationship without acknowledging, explaining, or informing your partner of your intentions.” Wow. Can there be enough words to convey how rude, tacky, immature, cowardly, potentially cruel and utterly ridiculous ghosting sounds?


Does Tall, Dark, Handsome and Aloof sound about right?

If you find yourself continually attracted to emotionally unavailable types, check out, “We’ve got to stop procrastinating in unavailable relationships,” and tell us what you think. Why do we sometimes (or always) seek out relationships with people who exhibit clear signs they aren’t “available enough” for a relationship, and are most likely not going to give us what we want or need to be happy in a relationship?

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